Development partners

Particularly skilled in military simulation and miltary training.

Supports the continuous development of MilQuest.

Berzerk - Obstacle course race

Organizer of innovative obstacle course races - providing physical and mental challenges with a touch of history.

The Berserkers were Viking elite warriors. In battle, they would become like wild animals (like wolves or bears). Thereby the expression “going berserk”. These warriors held a high rank in society and were feared on the battlefield.

Also today, this mentality is required to make it through a Berzerk obstace course. It takes teamwork, strength, endurance, and the will to throw yourself into the unknown. You can finish on your own or as a team, no matter who you are or where you are in life.


The Specialized Swedish MilEx group offers airsoft experiences inspired by the exercises in elite military units. Hence the name Mil-Ex (Mililitary Experience) and not MilSim.

Our ambition is to provide experiences that are as real as possible. Without compromises.

Cannibal Hippies

Organizer with 20+ years experience of milsims, such as MERCS, Mobile infantry, and Black Ops.

Nordic Milsim

Aspires to be the best organizer of military simulation in the Nordic region, with airsoft as its platform.