Our original event.
10-week unconventional workout program leading up to the GET IT DONE challenge.


Get prepared for Battlegroup 24 (a.k.a. TSTOS 24)
Four intensive bootcamp weeks to get prepared for the Battlegroupo MilSim in Finland 23-27th July 2024

"If someone would have told me few months ago that I will do 80 ground to overhead in an hour, I would have laughed. Now I not only did it, but could lift the cup of my morning coffee afterwards! 😉 

Thank you MilQuest team for challenging me all the way! And thank you all in this community for support and insipiration!"

- Lina (#037) Lithuania

"I really liked how the program was put together, it was really challenging, there were even days when I could barely move afterwards! haha!

But the group was really good ^^ I think everyone really tried to push forward with positive energy! In the end, I finished with 100% completion 😉"

- Katzy (#015) Sweden

"It's time to praise the MilQuest creators for the wonders they did for me!

18 weeks ago I joined BLUE and did the first 4km jogging of my life. I decided to join Green but dont go for the 4km 10kg ruck runnig target. That's just unimaginable. Until... today. Today I did it. Even 3 min faster than required!

Your program is making wonders for me. THANKS!"

- Norbertas (#034) Lithuania

"The program was very non-monotonic and challenged you in different ways all the time. Every week I looked forward to what the weekend challenge would be

The mix of core, mobility, explosivity, toughness was quite a mix of all components. And the first weeks it was quite simple, but later weeks it was getting harder. Challenging, but posibble.

All in all, my experience in all program is great. Thinking about to join next class too."

- Eimantas (#043) Lithuania

"Great training and setup of it all! Different levels to choose from when it comes to the level of challenge. Cool patches to glide around and brag about. 😉


- Fredrik (#030) Sweden

The MilQuest spirit is not about who can perform the best. It's about making the decision to try, giving your all, and achieving your own personal goals. It's about pushing yourself to the limit and supporting each other along the way.

It's about understanding that we are all on our own journey, but we are stronger together. Embrace the challenge, embrace the struggle, and remember that every step forward, no matter how small, is a step closer to becoming the best version of yourself.

The MilQuest spirit is about taking control of your own development, and never giving up on yourself.