Training database

Rucking & running

Walking (no ruck)

Pace: 10 min/km

Walk 50 min, rest 10 min

1 hour = 5 km

Jogging (no ruck)

Pace: 7,5 min/km

Just faster than walking, just slower than running.


Pace: 10 min/km

Walk 50 min, rest 10 min

1 hour = 5 km

Ruck run

Pace: 7,5 min/km

Just faster than walking, just slower than running.

Shoulder carry

Ruck on shoulder

Farmers walk

Ruck in one hand

Biceps carry

Hold ruck in both hands with arms in 90 degree angle

Overhead carry

Hold ruck over your head with straight arms

Straps carry

Hold ruck in the straps in one arm. Switch arms as needed.

Bear walk

Walk on all fours, belly down.

Scale down: No ruck

Crab walk

Walk on all fours, belly up.

Scale down: Overhead carry

Agility sprint

Sprint as fast as you can in a zig-zag pattern.

Walking lunges

Take a long step forward, let one knee touch the ground. Front leg in 90 degree angle.

Squat walk

Squat down and walk forward while in squat position.

Scale down: No ruck.

Exercises without ruck


Keep your back straight. Hands just wider than the shoulders. Angle the hands slightly, so your arm goes at an 45 degree angle from your body.

Push-ups (scale down)

Same as a regular pushup, but pivot on your knees instead of toes.

Wide push-ups

Same as a regular pushup, but hold your hands wide.

Diamond push-ups

Same as a regular pushup, but hold your hands close together.


Keep your back straight

Lock your feet


Keep your back straight, tilted slightly up from the floor.

Make a twisted sit-up where your elbow touch your knee.

Back extentions

Lie down and lift your upper body. Keep your feet on the ground. 


Lift your arms and legs at the same time. Pivot at close to your hop as you can.  

Scale down: Lift one leg and the opposite arm.

Single leg deadlift

Standing on one leg, lean your body forward so your leg and spine is in line. 


Sit down, pointing your bottom out as you would sit on a chair. Squat down until your legs make a 90 degree angle. Lift your weight through your heels on the way up.


Sit right down and stand right up, as if you were holding a flag pole with your arms. The upper body should not move neither sideways nor front and back.

4-step cross squat

Start with a regular squat. Step right by crossing your legs and squat again. Step back into the middle and squat. Step left by crossing your legs and squat. 

Single leg squat

Cross your leg on top of the other and squat, or hold your leg straight out in a 90 degree angle from your body and squat (harder)

Jump squats

Perform a regular squat and add a jump afterwards.

Power jump

Jump as high as you can with both feet at the same time.


Hang straight from a pull-up bar. Lift yourself so your chin is above the bar.

Pull-ups (scale down)

Hang by straight arms on a row bar. Pull yourself up to the bar.
The closer your legs are to the bar the easier it becomes.


Hold your back and bottom as close to the bench as possible. Bend your arms 90 degrees.


Squat down, make a push-up, get up, jump.

Burpee (scale-down)

Perform a regular burpee, but skip the push-up.

Flutter kicks

Extend your legs above the ground. Move your legs up and down about 10cm.
Do not arch your back. Count every kick. When the instruction says "2-count flutter kicks" you need to kick twice to count 1 repetition. Same with 4-count flutter kicks, then you need to kick 4 times to count 1 repetition.  

Ruck flutter kicks

Same as regular flutter kicks while holding a ruck on extended arms

Leg raisers

Hold your legs 10 cm above the ground. Lift them straight up.

Crunch kicks

Extend both your legs about 10cm above the ground at the same time. Press your back agsinst the ground, do not arch your back.

Jumping jack

Extend your arms high and legs wide, repeat quickly.

Mountain climbers

Stand on your hands, similar to before doing a push up. Step up with your legs, alternating left and right.

Skater jumps

Put one leg behind the other, jump sideways landing with the other leg. 


Hold your back straight. Do not arch your back.

Standard time is 10 seconds (1 repetition = 10s).

Plank row

Stand in push-ups starting position. Lift one hand, pause a few seconds, lift the other.

Jaeger rest

Press your back against a wall, hold your legs at an 90 degree angle.

Standard time is 10 seconds (1 repetition = 10s).

Military crawl

Raise one leg high, almost touching the elbow. Move the opposite arm above your head bent 90 degrees. Put your weight on your knee and bent arm and push yourself forward. Keep torso high, and butt low.

Exercises with ruck

Overhead press

Hold your ruck in front of you. Lift straight up.

Ruck bench press

Lie flat on the ground. Hold your ruck just above your chest. Lift straight up.

Ruck rows

Keep your back straight, lean forward. Hold your ruck with straight armas and pull straight back, arms cose to your body and elbows straight back.

Front squats

Hold your ruck in front of you. Perform a regular squat

Back squats

Put your ruck on your back. Perform a regular squat

Burpees with ruck

Perform a burpee while holding your ruck. Do not jump, but hold your ruck straight up.

Ruck cleans

Squat down with your ruck, then stand up and rotate your ruck, squat down again and stand up. 

Ruck thrusters

Hold your ruck in front of you, squat down completely, and extend your ruck on straight arms as you stand up. 

Ruck twist

Make sure both your sit bones are on the ground. Raise your back at an angle. Twist your upper body from site to side. Scale down: No ruck, or a water bottle.

Ground to overhead

Place your ruck on the ground. Lift it up in front of your chest and list on straight arms.

High pull

Hold your ruck straight down in its carry handle. Lift it with both arms until the arms maek a 90 degree angle with the body.

Ruck swing

Hold your ruck straight down in its carry handle with both arms. Swing the ruck high in front of you. Push your abdomen (höft) forward in a jerking motion. Let the ruck swing back behind your legs, you do not need to stop the ruck between rounds.

Shoulder to shoulder

Lift the ruck from one shoulder to the other.

Step up

With ruck on your back, step up at least 50 cm.