Whatever happens during the game - I already did worse during Bootcamp

Battlegroup 24 (TSTOS 24) - 23-27 July 2024, Halli training area Finland

Four intensive bootcamp weeks to get prepared for the Battlegroup MilSim held on the 23-27 July 2024 in Finland. Each of the four Bootcamp-weeks has three weekly workouts designed to make you strong and agile, and a weekend challenge designed to simulate your milsim experience. The fourth weekend- challenge is Milsim itself.

You need your ruck, your boots, and a whole lot of can-do mentalty.

Welcome to an unconventional challenge.

Why Bootcamp?

Those who finish the bootcamp will be much better prepared for demanding operations. All above-average military units are mentally and phsycally strong. It is an enabler for all other capabilities. You will be able to last longer in the field, hold your weapon at the ready for longer periods of time, stay sharp longer, make better decisions, communicate more clearly, shoot straighter. And so on.

The bootcamp offers functional training - with focus on strength, agiltiy and speed. The training is heavily inspired by special forces preparation training. You always work with your entire body, to become as effective as possible in the field.

There is no second place in combat.

How does it work?

During the 4 weeks of the Bootcamp, every week you will receive 3 weekly workouts and a weekend challenge. The fourth and final weekend challenge is the milsim itself.

The weekly workouts take about 15-45 minutes and are designed to build your strength and agility. The weekend challenges are longer and are designed to simulate the milsim experience.
The weekend challenges are developed together with Ehasa, the organizers behind Battlegroup.

What you get:

- 3 weekend challenges (4th weekend challenge is the milsim itself)

- 3 workouts per week:

Rucking & running

Core strength


You need to finish 100% of the exercises to earn your finisher patch.

How hard is it?

The bootcamp is on MilQuest GREEN level. It is designed to challenge those who are already training regularly.

Recommended entry level fitness:

Push-ups: 20 (on knees is ok)

Sit-ups: 20

Back extentions: 20

Ruck rows: 20 (15 kg)

Squats: 40

Rucking: 15km, 10kg

Running: 2km in 15 min (no ruck) 

If you are not on this level of fitness you are still welcome to challenge yourself.

What gear do I need?

We use ourselves, our rucksack, and boots for all exercises.

Recommended minimum gear:

1. Ruck 

2. Ruck weight (15 kg)

3. Proper shoes

See the FAQ for more tips about gear.

Battlegroup (TSTOS) Bootcamp:

24 June - 21 July 2024 (4 weeks) 

What you get:

- 3 weekend challenges 

- 3 workouts per week:

Rucking & running 

Core strength


- Candidate patch (in welcome letter)

- Finisher patch (given during check-in)

By purchasing a MilQuest class you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

After payment and before class starts you will receive an email with login details and registration information.

Note. You need to apply and pay for the Battlegroup milsim separately. 

Battlegroup 24 - An event by EHASA.

Held at Halli training area 23-27 July FINLAND.